It is encouraging to me to see how many people, with a myriad of unique circumstances, have received such profound benefits from Health Conscious Dentistry. These responses certainly underscore the principle that if you treat the human body in a fashion that supports the way it was designed to function it will respond positively. The human organism does not get more efficient as it ages, it gets less efficient. Therefore, if we use common sense in treating this wonderful mechanism (the body) we can expect it to provide us with a better quality of life for so doing. Paul Genung, D.D.S. has been my dentist for over 35 years. He was my father’s (2 time Chief of Staff of Providence Hospital when the Bob Hope Heart Center was started) dentist, and he is now my son’s dentist and orthodontist. During this time what has impressed me most about Dr. Genung is his commitment to continuing education in dentistry, as well as his conservative approach. His commitment to health conscious dentistry is extremely well informed and passionate. His type of dedication and courage would benefit Washingtonians aged 9 to 90.
- Steve Codling
Seattle, WA

Dr. Genung has consistently proven to be the finest practitioner of the dental arts I’ve ever known. Of particular value to me and my family has been his open mindedness and willingness to explore procedures and treatments above and beyond what is taught in basic dental schools, but always with the care and benefit of his patients foremost in his mind. We have maintained the professional relationship with Dr. Genung in order to avail ourselves and our family of his extraordinary high standard of practice.
- Glenn M. & Patricia Dobbs
Liberty Lake, WA

My experiences with Dr. Genung have proved him to articulate, informed and extremely helpful. I first met Paul at a free information health seminar. Paul gave a talk on the effects that unhealthy teeth have on one's overall health. As a result of this talk I had dental work done which included removing the mercury fillings from my mouth. As a result my health has steadily improved till at age 65 I am actually healthier than I was at 40.
- David Carl Lewis
Des Moines, WA

Dr. Genung has provided his expert dentistry to my friends and family members since the mid-1960’s. His skill and knowledge both are quite unique. Dr. Genung continues to be on the cutting edge in his profession. His interest is not only in the mechanics of dentistry but in the effects of procedures on the whole body and its functions. Dr. Genung is, in my estimation, a professional of unqualified honesty, integrity and courage in the face of great opposition and a real gentleman. He treats his patients as individuals with individual problems and preferences and provides us with invaluable education and a wide range of choices.
- Elizabeth J. Howard
Olympia, WA

I feel very strongly about the importance of mercury-free dentistry, and I learned of it’s importance from Dr. Genung. I am ever grateful that he remove the amalgam fillings from my mouth about 10 years ago, as it has improved the way I feel. Dr. Genung truly understands the health implications of the ‘mercury issue’, and his perspective is badly needed.
- Mauris L. Emeka
Port Orchard, WA

In 1989-1990 I had been going to the Doctor for various health conditions i.e. gastritis, esophagitis, hole in my esophagus, ulcers, rash on my legs, fluttering eye lid (that had to be taped shut for 11/2 years), and severe chest pains that put me in the hospital on two separate occasions (neither time could they find any thing wrong). The final frustrating moment came when my personal physician said, “It’s all in your head” and sent me to a psychologist. The psychologist could not find anything wrong either. I met Paul Genung and went through a testing process that determined that I had a high sensitivity to mercury. After all, mercury is the most neuron-toxic substance known to man. I went through having the fillings removed and all my symptoms went away, including the electricity being generated from my saliva. As Paul Genung informed me “you only have to have two dissimilar metals in a saline solution (saliva) to produce a battery”. What happened was the transient electricity being produced by the mercury fillings was traveling up and down my left side producing the chest pains, leading me to think I was having a heart attack. There has not been any pain since the fillings were removed. There are a lot of dentists that do not know that mercury is a problem. I believe that Paul Genung may have saved my life with the knowledge he has about the proper removal of mercury fillings and what to replace them with.
- Dale Cunningham
Shelton, WA

Dr. Genung removed all mercury fillings from my teeth in 1998 and recommended a detoxification diet which purged the mercury from my system. The result on my health was remarkable, in fact many aspects of being a patient of Dr. Genung, positively impacted my health. When I first met Dr. Genung I was recovering from 3 years of being housebound, helpless and alone. The ordeal moved into a chronic fatigue condition. Medical doctors told me there was no cure, I would always be fatigued to the point of being bedridden and yet they did not know what was wrong with me. I faced a life of not being able to do much more than lift my head off my pillow and I needed 15-20 hours of sleep a day, leaving only 4 hours a day to care for myself. I did not accept my condition and began to search for answers. I noticed that whenever I would go to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned, the weeks following the dental visit would find me with extreme bouts of disorientation and being weak physically. When I read the material on mercury poisioning I knew I had found an answer to my inability to recover my health. Dr. Genung’s attitude toward me was extremely healing. I remember when I first sat in his chair he had something about him that said ‘you are going to be fine, we will get you what you need.’ So many times I had been met with indifference, but Dr. Genung and his staff genuinely viewed me as a real person. I was instantly relieved to find someone who cared. Dr. Genung is a man of genuine character, selflessly motivated by a true concern for the health and well being of others. I would greatly love to see Dr. Genung given an opportunity to impact the health of countless others as he has already impacted my health.
- Sharon Hunter
Seattle, WA

For nine years I have been a patient of Dr. Genung. Not only has he been a very good practitioner of dentistry, he has also attended to educating his clients about the dangers of the industrial dental techniques widely used today and falsely promoted as safe and effective dentistry. He has taken the time to treat me as a rational intelligent human and has made clear that educated choices are essential to dental health. Dr. Genung is definitely more concerned with the well being of the patient than other dentists I’ve gone to. His dentistry is about prevention and non-toxic solutions to dentistry. Dr. Genung is thoroughly committed to improving dentistry in the state.
- Richard Spaulding

Having been a patient of Dr. Genung’s for over nine years I have developed the utmost respect for his highly developed technical skills and find him to be a man of impeccable character. Dr. Genung is a devoted advocate for his patients. He is committed to treating and educating his clients about health-conscious dentistry and his strong convictions that an individual’s oral health affects the entire organism positively or negatively places him at the forefront in dental advances. Dr. Genung has dedicated his life work to educating himself, his patients, and others about the issues related to improving dentistry.
- Kathryn S. Traub
Bothell, WA

As patients of Dr. Genung for over 30 years, we have gotten to know him not only as an excellent dentist, and a friend, but also as a professional who is also interested in our whole health. We feel that the dental community needs a strong voice to ensure the safety and compatibility of the whole body when dental services are performed and we feel that Dr. Genung is that Dentist.
- Don and Carol Ricke
Edmonds, WA

Recommending and praising Dr. Genung as a dentist and a person is easy. He’s been my dentist for over 15 years and he’s the best and most health conscious dentist I’ve gone to in my 68 years. I know I’m prejudiced…I think he’s wonderful! He is truly a professional with integrity who cares about his patients and our health. He is knowledgeable, thorough, patient and continues to educate himself further with constant research in his field. He has taught me more about how to take care of my dental health than any dentist I’ve seen over the years.
- Meg LeFever
Seattle, WA

I believe Dr. Genung is one of the most knowledgeable dentists in regard to mercury and its harmful effects to the human body. I have been to other dentists (who, incidentally, have told me that the dental work in my mouth is some of the best they have seen) who are unaware of mercury’s dangers and actually told me that it is a safe substance to use when mixed with silver and other powdered metals. Interestingly enough, here in California, every dentist must give a new patient a form advising that mercury is a poison. The form must be signed demonstrating awareness of this fact and giving the dentist permission to use mercury if desired. I just want to emphasize my complete trust in Dr. Genung’s incredible talent, knowledge, and dental practice. I believe Dr. Genung will present a voice that will not only inform and educate, but assist in bringing the dental profession out of the dark ages and into this 21st century.
- Krista A. Chelstowski
Concord, California

My recommendation of Dr. Genung comes out of personal experience as after many attempts in 1995 to find out what was wrong with me he took my concerns seriously. His recommendation was removal of my mercury feelings and replacement of them with composite material. This helped me overcome what I now know to be mercury toxicity.
- Rene Drake
Bothell, WA

I highly recommend Paul F. Genung, D.D.S. He is an exceptional dentist, a great problem solver and most importantly, cares about the well being of others. He is serious about dentistry and is at the top of his field. He is studious, always keeping up on the latest technologies and findings. This, in addition to his many, many years in the profession (note: he also has a good sense of humor), makes him the “health-conscious” dentist that everyone recommends to everyone they know. Without Dr. Genung I would had to have jaw surgery. Jaw surgery is extremely painful and, expensive ($25,000). Instead Dr. Genung, with his applied knowledge an ability to see the bigger picture (unlike the generic “make-a-buck” dentists that abound) recommended a less invasive and much less expensive method ($4,000) which worked absolutely fabulously. I’m sure the health insurance company is much happier too.
- Veronica Ruckdeschel
Seattle, WA

After my health took a nosedive , I underwent care with a holistic medical doctor who advised me to have the mercury fillings removed from my teeth and the root canal teeth pulled. It was at this point I sought the services of Dr. Genung. He began by removing the mercury and then pulled the root canal teeth. I began to notice a reversal im many of my symptoms almost immediately. Dr. Genung is not only a very skilled, professional practitioner but also a very ethical and compassionate person. I believe someone with Dr. Genung’s knowledge and experience regarding the “mercury issue” in dentistry and the very negative impact it can have on a person’s health is vital for providing input regarding making available legitimate choices in the dental marketplace to Washington consumers.
- Myrna Lewis
Shoreline, WA

I am testimony to Dr. Genung’s commitment to health conscious dentistry and dedication to the well being of his patients. His compassion and charity to many of his dental patients speaks for his character and integrity.
- Doreen Randal
Mercury Awareness Alliance
Everett, WA

Dr. Genung saved my life in 1999-2000. I had been very ill for years to the point of not being able to work in my medical profession at all. It turns out I had been badly misdiagnosed and placed on bad but powerful medications for 18 years while I was trying to raise a family. The drugs made me worse. About six years ago I finally connected with a physician (M.D) who diagnosed me as severely mercury poisoned. In order to get treatment to detoxify my body of mercury, I had to have a mouth full of amalgam fillings removed. Dr. Genung very graciously explained the safe way to remove amalgam fillings before it was safe to get medical treatment to get rid of my mercury burden. He answered all my questions in a friendly, but very professional manner. Because Dr. Genung did such a superlative job removing my amalgams I regained much of my immune system. I successfully went on t o get medical treatment to pull out much mercury from my brain and the rest of my body. I got my short term memory back!!! None of this would have been possible without Dr. Genung’s expertise, understanding, patience, and willingness to work with my particular situation. I have a lot more energy. People noticed. My memory has been restored. I haven’t had to be on any psychotropic drugs since my medical treatment to remove a large amount of my mercury burden. We need Dr. Genung so others can learn about the danger of mercury in our mouths and can learn how to access good quality dental care.
- Carol Hopkins
Edmonds, WA

Our personal experience with Dr. Genung has been extremely positive and beneficial health wise. As an example I went to Dr. Genung to discuss replacing all my mercury based fillings in an attempt to alleviate severe headache pain. Dr. Genung took the time as he always does, to explain, the process and the possible benefits and gace me seceral choices as to how we might accomplish this. The end result was the removal and replacement of the mercury based fillings, the end of the excruciatingly painful headaches and the beginning of a long healthy Doctor-patient relationship.
- Dan and Madeline Cushing
Marysville, WA

I am a 60 year old woman. Dr. Genung treated me for mercury poisoning 10 years ago by removing all of the mercury fillings from my teeth. I had been diagnosed by a naturopath/nutritionist/chiropractor through a series of tests. Before Dr. Genung’s treatment, I suffered severe head an neck pain, temporomandibular joint syndrome, frequent urination during the night, panic attacks, disorientation, mood swings, irritability, depression, and lack of the ability to concentrate. Within a very short time of having the mercury removed (a few months) all of my symptoms went away, and after over 10 years, they have not returned. Dr. Genung always behaved in a completely professional manner, and he was always kind and supportive of me as his patient.
- Lucida Garneau
Redmond, WA

I want to share with you about my impression of Dr. Paul Genung. As far as I am concerned he is the only expert in the King County area, and possibly in the State of Washington, who is truly concerned about “health conscious dentistry”. I place my confidence in Dr. Genung’s knowledge. I know he will give me a straight answer that is the best for my dental and over all health. Dr. Genung is one of the few dentists in this state/country, literally a voice in the wilderness, who is addressing this “mercury issue.” He has the courage to speak up on this sometimes controversial and important subject.
- Linda Harrison
Seattle, WA