Non-toxic, Mercury-free dentistry

Health-Conscious Dentistry in downtown Seattle offers patients a natural, non-toxic and gentle approach to dental care. For more than 50 years, Dr. Paul Genung has been dedicated to providing the utmost in exceptional patient care, opportunities for learning, and complete oral examinations and procedures as needed, always putting the patient first.


Why choose Health-Conscious Dentistry:

Work directly with a dental professional with more than 50 years in the industry.

  • Dr. Genung is on-hand and hands-on. He does it all- from cleaning to more complex and complicated procedures, he works directly with his patients, educating them and informing them of alternatives and options for treatment.

Health-Conscious Dentistry focuses on comprehensive, systemically-focused dental care.

  • Dr. Genung’s approach to treating patients does not include the use of mercury, fluoride and other toxic substances.

Every appointment is like a master class in good dental and systemic health.

  • Education helps you make informed decisions about your treatment. At Health-Conscious Dentistry, education comes first, giving patients the thorough information they need, to choose what works best for their individual situation.